The Big Quiz Thing Event: The Best Questions To Ask During Valentine’s Day Parties

February 14 is always considered as a special day for couples. But just to take off the pressure of asking someone to be with you on a romantic date during Valentine’s Day, then why not organize a party with your family, friends, and their respective couples and celebrate this heartfelt holiday with a fresh approach? Surely enough, it would be better spending the night this way than bothering yourself with the thought of being single, right?

best questions valentines day partiesAnd if you want to maximize the fun, then you must have a kind of game that includes all the guests like The Big Quiz Thing. BQT is a live trivia quiz show that is designed like a TV game show. So basically, it gives you the feel of being in an actual TV show and enjoys the game with the rest of the audience.

Now talking about the questions, what type of trivia questions you need to include in the show to ensure the involvement of everybody?

So if you’re interested to know more, then we advise you to continue reading as we are going to share the type of questions that you need to ask during The Big Quiz Thing event at your Valentine’s Day party.

The Questions Should Be About Your Guests

In order to ensure that everybody is entertained, then make it a point that all the questions should be relatable to your guests. And one surefire way of doing that is by including trivia questions about your invitees. It doesn’t need to be deeply detailed, but some superficial stuff will do to introduce everybody to each other in a fun way.

Do Away With The Technical And Boring Questions

Try to avoid including questions that are either too technical or conventional as it takes away the element of fun. Instead, focus on a new set of questions that talk about your guests’ favorite romantic movies, things, and the likes.

Be Sensitive With Kind Of Crowd That You Have

Sometimes, we tend to include naughty and sexual questions just induce more excitement.

And while this may be entertaining to millennials and not-so-old guests, it can be offensive to some conservative members of your audience. So as much as possible, try to be sensitive with the crowd that you’ll be having at your Valentine’s Day party as this will also help you in formulating the kind of questions to be asked at The Big Quiz Thing event.


Always Include Questions Relating To Love To Go With The Theme Of The Occasion

And finally, always keep in mind the purpose of the occasion when coming up with questions at The Bid Quiz Thing event. It’s doesn’t need to be everything about romantic love because you can also include questions about love in general.

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