The Surprising Benefits Of Having The Big Quiz Thing Contest At Private Events

If there’s one word to describe the Big Quiz Thing’s game, it would be “ingenious.” It is ingenious, and original, in the sense that the BQT has been a premier provider of custom live trivia entertainment in the United States since 2002. And it’s a way to bring different groups of people together, including officemates, friends, and family.

Sure, it’s a trivia game that’s designed to provide a unique kind of entertainment during parties and events, but did you know that there’s more to it than just teams battling out in a game of general knowledge? Indeed, it’s a lot more than just winning prizes—there are some surprising benefits of having a Big Quiz Thing contest at private events.

And we’re going to talk about this topic in today’s blog post.


Of Course, The ‘Fun Factor’ Is Always There

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There is no doubt that games at parties are designed to bring the guests fun and enjoyment. But the thing about games built on the bar-trivia model, like The Big Quiz Thing, is that it also brings a lot of social and health benefits.

To be specific, trivia games are all about learning (in addition to bringing fun, of course), and it engages the participants’ frontal cortex of the brain to recollect information. In short, it helps KEEP OUR MINDS SHARP, as recollection strengthens that part of our brains.

Aside from that, trivia can also be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s worth the time, because you get to learn something as you relax and enjoy with friends and family.

The Big Quiz Thing also enforces social solidarity, because it encourages the people to participate, work together, and to come up with ideas as a group, while enjoying each other’s company. In other words, it’s that kind of experience that builds networks and friendships.


Trivia For A Good Cause

Beyond the social and health benefits of The Big Quiz Thing, participating in bar-trivia-model games like this can also allow you to have fun while supporting a good cause. And the reason for this is that the BQT is custom-designed for worthy social events like galas and fundraisers, supporting schools and non-government organizations that engage in philanthropic activities.


Final Thoughts

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