Make Everyone Involved By Playing The Big Quiz Thing Game At Your Party

Great entertainment is essential in maintaining the upbeat vibe in parties. After all, spending quality time with family and friends and having fun together is the main reason why celebrations are being held in the first place. So as the host of the party, you must offer them a kind of entertainment that encourages everyone to participate. And when it comes to customized audience participation games, nobody does it better than the Big Quiz Thing.

Read more as we are going to talk about how you can incorporate a customized segment like the Big Quiz Thing game at your party and make everyone involved as you all have fun together.

Get To Know More About BQT

The Big Quiz Thing game is the world’s greatest live trivia game show and a unique entertainment concept that you can include at parties, family events, corporate gatherings, and other social events. It is a flexible, high-tech, and customizable according to the theme of the celebration.

BQT is played just like a real live trivia game show. And what’s cool about this game is that guests can join in thanks to their digital online trivia answer system. So this is the best choice if you really want to get everybody involved!

Reasons Why BQT Should Be Included In Your Party

trivia contestants

Keep The Fun Factor Alive – The custom trivia games are designed to be friendly, smart, and interactive. So there’s never a dull moment with BQT as you are assured that no one is being left out.

Just Like A TV Game Show – People are suckers for TV game shows. We are so hooked just by watching that we unconsciously find ourselves answering at every question that’s being asked by the quizmaster. And to some extent, we even wish that we can participate as a contestant or a live audience someday.

BQT takes this kind of experience at your parties so you can get the feel of what it’s like being in a real TV game show and enjoy it with the people who are nearest and dearest to you.

Interactive Audience Gaming – BQT encourages everyone to engage by giving their answers to every question in the digital online trivia answer system. This is how it works: the host/quizmaster will enter the question on the big screen (which is also sent digitally) and the audience can key in their answers through their mobile phones.

Also, the game can be played in a team battle where the audience is grouped into teams and see which group will earn the most points.

All in all, the Big Quiz Thing game is the BEST kind of audience participation game to get everyone involved. So to ensure that all guests will have a good time at your party, this is the game of choice.

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