Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

It’s time to put your paws where your mouth is. Dogs have some fascinating information to share. They have had a strong connection to people in many ways since they were domesticated and have shared a long history with humanity. 

Check out these Dog Trivia Questions and answers to learn more about this species.

Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. The 2012 Britain’s Got Talent was won by a dog. What is its name? 

Answer: Pudsey

  1. What sense is the most active among dogs? 

Answer: Sense of smell

  1. What was the breed of the world’s oldest living dog? 

Answer: Australian Cattle Dog

  1. True or False: Do dogs have no eyelids? 

Answer: False

  1. What are the names of Simon Cowell’s dogs? 

Answer: Diddly, Freddie and Squiddly 

  1. What dog breed does yodeling instead of barking? 

Answer: Basenji

  1. What is the most intelligent dog breed? 

Answer: Border Collie

  1. From what country was the Rottweiler originally from? 

Answer: Germany

  1. Do you know which dog breed is the smallest? 

Answer: Chihuahua

  1. Elvis Presley sang a song about dogs. What was the title of this song? 

Answer: “Old Shep or Hound Dog”

  1. The Alpine Dachsbracke has its roots in which country? 

Answer: Austria

  1. True or False: Cats have more taste buds than dogs. 

Answer: False 

  1. True or False: Dogs can perceive (see) color. 

Answer: True

  1. From what nation does the Rhodesian Ridgeback originate from? 

Answer: Zimbabwe

  1. What breed of dog was once revered in China? 

Answer: Pekinese

  1. What is the name of the dog in The Wizard of Oz? 

Answer: Toto

  1. At the time of his death, how old was the world’s oldest dog? 

Answer: 29

  1. Dingoes can trace their origins to which country? 

Answer: Australia

  1. What breed of dog results from crossbreeding between the beagle and pug? 

Answer: Puggle

  1. What kind of dog is Snoopy? 

Answer: Beagle

  1. Who was Queen Elizabeth’s first corgi? 

Answer: Susan

  1. What kind of dog is the quickest at a racetrack? 

Answer: Greyhound

  1. What do you call a group of dogs? 

Answer: Pack

  1. What is the crossbreed of Dachshunds and Corgis? 

Answer: Dorgi

  1. What breed is known for its black tongue? 

Answer: Chow Chow

  1. What is the breed of the famous cartoon character Scooby-Doo? 

Answer: Great Dane

  1. What popular dog breed is the Alsatian? 

Answer: German Shepherd

  1. How many teeth does a full-grown dog have? 

Answer: 42

  1. In The Wizard of Oz, what is the breed of Dorothy’s dog? 

Answer: Cairn Terrier

  1. Originally, dachshunds were bred to be working dogs and do what? 

Answer: Badger hunting

  1. What kind of dog is the most popular in the world? 

Answer: Labrador

  1. What was Bill Sykes’ dog’s name in Oliver Twist? 

Answer: Bull’s Eye

  1. What is the breed of Barack Obama’s dog? 

Answer: Portuguese Water Dog

  1. What do you call a group of puppies? 

Answer: Litter

  1. In what country is the Great Dane breed originally from? 

Answer: Germany 

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