Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

Walt Disney was a visionary who created some of the most beloved stories. From “The Little Mermaid” to “Encanto,” its films are full of enchanting tales that touch the hearts of everyone who watches them. Whether you’re a Disney animation fan or not, there’s no doubt his movies are worth watching repeatedly.

Perhaps you are one of those who love singing the hit song from the movie; We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Well, for sure, you know more than that. So, read on and see if you can answer all our questions! So let us challenge your Encanto knowledge with some trivia.

  1. Mirabel’s father, Agustin, has a severe allergy to what? 

Answer: Bees

  1. What is the power of Bruno? 

Answer: Predict the Future

  1. The Madrigal family comes from which country? 

Answer: Colombia

  1. On the day of Antonio’s ceremony, what gift did Mirabel offer him? 

Answer: Stuffed Leopard

  1. What is it that gives the Madrigals and the Casitas their magical powers? 

Answer: Flame of the Candle

  1. The Madrigal Family always avoids speaking about whom? 

Answer: Bruno

  1. What is the supernatural power of Dolores? 

Answer: Enhanced Hearing

  1. What color is the bow in Dolores’ hair? 

Answer: Red

  1. To whom does Mirabel address “Señorita Perfecta”? 

Answer: Isabela

  1. Who was betrothed to Mariano but did not want to marry him? 

Answer: Isabel

  1. How does Bruno gain entrance through the walls to access the hidden areas? 

Answer: Painting

  1. What is the magical power of Pepa? 

Answer: Change the weather conditions.

  1. Who has the power to grow plants and flowers? 

Answer: Isabela

  1. Who discovered the power of the family? 

Answer: Alma (Abuela)

  1. Who sang the song “Surface Pressure” in the movie? 

Answer: Luisa

  1. What is the color of Isabela’s dress? 

Answer: Purple

  1. What is the magical power of Antonio? 

Answer: Speak to Animals

  1. The room of Bruno is full of what? 

Answer: Sand

  1. What is the color of Mirabel’s eyeglasses? 

Answer: Green

  1. What is the magical power of Mirabel? 

Answer: None

  1. Do you know the color of Félix Madrigal’s shirt? 

Answer: Yellow

  1. What weather-related object do Pepa’s earrings represent? 

Answer: Sun

  1. Who has the magical power of superhuman strength? 

Answer: Luisa

  1. When Mirabel rebuilt Casita, what letter was engraved on the doorknob? 

Answer: M

  1. What bird first approached Antonio when he discovered his magical power? 

Answer: Toucan

  1. While hiding from his family, Bruno lived with a group of what animals? 

Answer: Rat

  1. Who are the three children of Pepa and Felix? 

Answers: Antonio, Dolores, and Camilo

  1. Who has the magical power to change form? 

Answer: Camilo

  1. What is the name of the deceased husband of Alma (Abuela)? 

Answer: Pedro

  1. What does Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, use to heal people? 

Answer: Food

  1. When did Madrigal children first start receiving gifts? 

Answer: 5

  1. What is the last piece of rebuilding Casita after its destruction? 

Answer: doorknob

  1. Who is the youngest among the members of the Madrigal family? 

Answer: Antonio

  1. Which song topped the charts in the UK? 

Answer: We Don’t Talk About Bruno

  1. What shade of cloak does Bruno wear? 

Answer: Green

I hope you have enjoyed our Encanto trivia quiz and will try some other quizzes. They are all designed to test your knowledge and to be a lot of fun. So why not give them a try? Thanks for playing with us here on The Big Quiz Thing.

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