Quizmaster Wes Hazard’s Favorite Articles of Men’s Clothing From Cinema (Non–Science Fiction)

Head over to Medium to read the latest article by our quizmaster (and humor writer) Wes Hazard, featuring his expert opinions on cinema’s sartorial history. (We’re glad he added the “Non–Science Fiction” disclaimer, otherwise we would’ve demanded the inclusion of Dr. Zaius’s vest.) A preview below…

  1. Brad Pitt’s Red Pants (, 1999)

We know very few things about Tyler Durden. He fights, he fucks, he’s funny, and he looks fantastic (even when his face has been slightly rearranged by some waiter/cage-fighter in a basement the night before). True, Durden might be entirely a figment of Edward Norton’s imagination (I would say Spoiler Alert but it’s been 2 decades) but as someone continually raging hard against the appearance-obsessed capitalist machine he rocks the kind of stylishness that sprouts naturally from truly not giving a damn about what people think of you…and from having Brad Pitt’s bone structure. It’s sad that even 20 years on it’s still somewhat daring for a man to wear red trousers…especially while occupying a leadership position in a crypto-fascist terrorist organization…but their crimson color also means that the frequent bloodstains they’re soiled with are well hidden. That makes these both a bold AND a sensible choice that will hopefully inspire frustrated Nietzsche reading freshman boys to expand their sartorial horizons for decades to come.

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