Audience Rewards Trivia – Tips on How To Create An Interactive Trivia Quiz

We are living in difficult times due to the newly discovered strain of coronavirus (COVID-19). And because of this, world governments are forced to implement lockdown and quarantine procedures to save the people from the rapid spread of infection.

Now for those who are staying at home, we all understand the kind of stress and boredom that you feel right at this moment. So in order to entertain yourself, your friends, and others, you can create an interactive game and share it through social media so you can all have fun while staying at home.

With these kinds of games, you can kill off the world-weary feeling and lift your spirits despite the depressing situation right.

So take time to read this entry as we are going to share tips on how to create an interactive trivia quiz and have an entertaining pastime during the lockdown period.

Know Your Audience

The key to creating an entertaining and engaging interactive trivia quiz is to know your audience first. Are you thinking of playing this game with your friends or do you want other online users to get involved as well?

audience rewards and trivia

For instance, if you want to play this game with family and friends, then it must details that all parties can relate to, say, having a trivia game about the last vacation you had together or perhaps a game that revolves around the hobbies and interests of your friends.

In the same way, if you want a broader audience to join, say, the people within your city, then maybe you can create a trivia about the place you live in.

This way you’ll be able to conceptualize a kind of game that immediately can draw interest to the people you want to play with.

Include Quiz Questions That Are Not Only Relatable But Also Informative At The Same Time

Entertainment is the primary motivation for creating an interactive game, but don’t forget to include some informative elements as well like “If you’re a resident of this city, where can you find the oldest building?” and the likes so you can allow your audience to learn a thing or two while playing the game for fun.

Aside from that, having these questions draws more interest from the participants since it challenges them to use their brains and think deeper.

Offer Prices And Rewards to Your Audience If Possible

And lastly, creating an interactive trivia quiz won’t be complete if you don’t include rewards and prizes. This is a must to ensure all players will experience the same level of excitement as you have and will be motivated even further to play seriously because something is at stake.

audience rewards and trivia

The prizes don’t have to be big, nor it doesn’t need to be money as well. In fact, you can play this family or friends for a box of chocolate that will be given after the lockdown period or have more slices of pizza on the next meal, if you’re all staying in one place.

Heck, you can even offer an all-out buffet dinner for free as the prize for winning (if you can afford to splurge a bit).

What’s important is you’re all doing something worthwhile to stay entertained during the lockdown period.

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