Ways To Keep A Trivia Crowd Engaged

Hosting a trivia show is like taking a leadership role. You are in charge of the mood as well as the pace of the game. And probably one of the toughest challenges is how to keep your audience engaged. Sure they are gathering in front of you to play and participate, but how can you maintain audience engagement while entertaining them at the same time?

If you want to know more about this, then we suggest that you continue reading as we are going to tackle ways to keep a trivia crowd engaged in today’s post.

5 Key Points To Keep The Crowd Engaged For The Entire Duration Of The Trivia Game

Being a host is more than just a positional authority because you have to get the audience to follow directions and challenge contestants to play all the in the name of fun. So here are the things you need to do to keep a trivia crowd engaged during the entire gig:

Keep It Interesting

entertaining bar trivia quiz

One of the pitfalls of hosting is when you feel that the event is somewhat dragging. If you don’t enjoy it, then chances are the audience will also notice this. And you’ll lose their interest in the end.

So try to incorporate catchy spiels to your style of hosting, and don’t hesitate to banter with your crowd from time to time. This way, you keep their attention to you and the trivia game they are watching.

Be Enthusiastic

As mentioned, if you’re not into the game, then your audience won’t be as well. So make it a point to be dynamic and avoid being lethargic.

You set the mood of the game. So always project positive energy in front of them.

Provide Timestamps

Always set your audience expectations by giving them timestamps and periodically informing them of the time left for the players to play the game. This is a good strategy to condition your audience about the duration of the trivia and to prevent the possibility of getting them bored.

Keep The Crowd Involved

A host is not a lecturer. In other words, they are watching you to be entertained, not to be taught. So always see to it that your audience is part of the game and don’t focus only on the contestants at the stage.

People will always be engaged in an event if they’re contributing to it in a small way.

Always Utilize The Power Of Humor

laughing bar guests

Laughter is the always best medicine. And you can induce a dose of laughter at the trivia by cracking some jokes to loosen up your audience and to keep them happy. But telling jokes can also be a double-edged sword if you are not discerning enough when to throw it at them. So be sure to say jokes only when it’s appropriate. And don’t take it too personal to the point that you’re already singling out a member of your audience and making them feel uncomfortable already.

Remember, if you keep your trivia crowd happy, then they’ll surely want more!

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