Music Trivia Questions and Answers for Fun Live Virtual Trivia Event

Music Trivia is a great way for music enthusiasts to challenge their knowledge of the music industry, and what better way to enjoy it than live and entertaining virtual events.

This topic is a specified trivia theme that challenges the in-depth knowledge of players in various subtopics revolving around music.

In a typical music trivia game, players are asked to answer a range of questions about a wide variety of musicians, songs, albums, singers, songwriters, award-winners, and more.

What Make Music Trivia Games Fun & Exciting

There are countless types of music trivia games available today, and they can be fun to play or educational for those who have a fondness for music. This is a great way to make your knowledge about music or your favorite musicians even broader than before.

Whether you’re a fan of music or just really good at this trivia topic, every player can experience an assortment of music trivia themes. You may be interested in selecting topics that test your knowledge of popular songs from various genres, the history and development of musical instruments, why there were used as instruments of war, and more.

Music Trivia Game NightsMany music trivia games also require you to consider other forms of entertainment, such as film and television. For example, you could be presented with a list of popular songs featuring the main character from a popular movie. If the film featured musical instruments, you’d be asked to compare and contrast this with the instruments that the main character uses in the movie. You could also encounter questions that let you identify the music creators, artists, and producers.

Music trivia games are also a great way to learn about the different instruments and styles used to make and play music. For example, you may have been playing the piano for some time. You could learn more about this instrument with a game based on its features, functions, and history.

Music Trivia Questions & Answers

Here are some basic examples of music trivia questions and answers to get you started.

Question: Where in the U.S. is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame situated?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio

Question: What band released the hit song “Ruby Tuesday” in 1967?

Answer: The Rolling Stones

Question: Who is the musician that won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016?

Answer: Bob Dylan

Question: What is the band’s name that became famous with the song “I and Love and You”?

Answer: The Avett Brothers

Question: In what year did Lana del Rey rise in fame as a music artist?

Answer: 2011

Question: In which city and state was Alanis Morissette born?

Answer: Ottawa, Canada

Question: What is the title of the Beatles single that lasted longest on the charts, precisely 19 weeks?

Answer: Hey Jude

Question: What is Beyonce’s real full name?

Answer: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

Question: Who were the three original members of the Backstreet Boys?

Answer:  Nick Carter, AJ McLean, and Howie Dorough

Question: In what year was Frank Sinatra born?

Answer: 1915

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