Olympics Trivia Questions and Answers 

One of the world’s most important gatherings, the Olympic Games, is held every two years. Because of the extraordinary displays of athleticism surrounding the games, it is always considered a historic event.

The Olympic Games have had their share in the history of humanity. Millions of individuals worldwide are inspired to work harder and achieve glory in this highly celebrated sporting event.

How about you? How familiar are you with the Olympics? How about testing your knowledge of Olympic history and fun facts by answering our comprehensive Olympics trivia questions?

  1. The first modern Olympic Games were held in what city? 

Answer: Athens (Greece)

  1. The first Winter Olympics were held in what year and city? 

Answer: 1924, Chamonix (France)

  1. Who was honored with a race in the 1896 Olympic Games? 

Answer: Pheidippides (who ran from Marathon to Athens in Greece)

  1. In ancient Greece, what was the reward offered to the champions of the Olympic Games?

Answer: Olive branch crown

  1. In what year did the NBA “Dream Team” compete in the Olympics for the United States? 

Answer: 1992

  1. Where is the Olympic Flame lit annually? 

Answer: Olympia, Greece

  1. Who finished first during the inaugural Olympic marathon? 

Answer: Spyridon Louis

  1. How many sporting events were contested during the first-ever modern Olympics? 

Answer: 43

  1. What are the colors of the Olympic rings

Answer: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black

  1. In 393 AD, which monarch abolished the Olympic Games? 

Answer: Theodosius I 

  1. In which city did BMX make its Olympic debut? 

Answer: Beijing 

  1. Which Summer Olympic edition was considered the first to be free from boycott since 1972?

Answer: Barcelona Summer Olympics

  1. Among the countries that won a medal at the Summer Olympics, which country has the smallest population? 

Answer: Bermuda

  1. What do the five Olympic rings represent? 

Answer: Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania

  1. How many countries were represented in the inaugural modern Olympic Games? 

Answer: 13

  1. Which two sports were once part of the Summer Olympics before they were included in the Winter Olympics? 

Answer: Figure skating and ice hockey

  1. Which rower has won gold medals in five straight Olympic Games? 

Answer: Steven Redgrave

  1. What is the Olympics’ official motto? 

Answer: “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, Higher, Stronger)

  1. During the 1900 Olympics, who declined to compete in a race on Sunday because of his religious convictions? 

Answer: Myer Prinstein

  1. How many nations boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia? 

Answer: 66

  1. Who was the first woman to win an Olympic medal? 

Answer: Hélène de Pourtalès

  1. What country has hosted the highest number of Olympic Games editions? 

Answer: USA

  1. In what year did the first modern Olympics take place? 

Answer: 1896

  1. At which Olympic Games did the United States win its first fencing gold medal? 

Answer: Athens Olympics 2000

  1. Who started the first modern Olympic Games? 

Answer: Pierre de Coubertin

  1. Which city was the first to hoist the Olympic flag? 

Answer: Antwerp, Belgium

  1. How many years separated the oldest and the youngest Olympians at the 2008 Games in Beijing? 

Answer: 55

  1. The Olympics are claimed to have been created by a mythological person from ancient Greece. Who was this person? 

Answer: Heracles (Hercules)

  1. During the ancient Olympic Games, the Olympic torch paid homage to which goddess? 

Answer: Hestia

  1. The only married woman allowed to witness the ancient Greek Olympics was the priestess of which Greek goddess? 

Answer: Demeter

  1. What city hosted the first Olympic Games in Latin America? 

Answer: Mexico City

  1. Which American host city was shunned by the Soviet Union during its hosting?

 Answer: Los Angeles

  1. The Olympic flag debuted in what year? 

Answer: 1920

  1. What was the name of the first Black athlete who won a gold medal in the Winter Olympics? 

Answer: Vonetta Flowers

  1. Which American figure skater in the Winter Olympics became the youngest ever Olympian? 

Answer: Tara Lipinski

  1. To mark the end of the first Olympic games, the ancient Greeks slaughtered what animal? 

Answer: Ox

  1. What was the name of the sports festival intended for female athletes in ancient Greece? 

Answer: Heraean Games

  1. Who was named the first Olympian in Ancient Greece? 

Answer: Coroebus

  1. In what year did Zimbabwe first participate in the Winter Olympics? 

Answer: 2014

  1. What did wrestlers cover their bodies during the ancient Greek Olympic Games? 

Answer: Oil

  1. Which Greek deity was given honor and inspiration for the first Olympic Games? 

Answer: Zeus

  1. In which city did Muhammad Ali light the Olympic Cauldron? 

Answer: Atlanta

  1. In 2008, Usain Bolt broke what two world records? 

Answer: 100- and 200-meters

  1. When did the Olympics start using electronic timing as the official timekeeper? 

Answer: 1968

  1. During the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps snatched the record for the most gold medals in swimming from whom? 

Answer: Mark Spitz

  1. The first Winter Olympics to employ artificial snow were held in which city? 

Answer: Lake Placid, New York

  1. What kind of dog was the first official Olympic mascot? 

Answer: Dachshund 

  1. Who was the first Olympian to be banned for the proven use of steroids? 

Answer: Ben Johnson 

  1. In a GEICO auto insurance ad, who reprises her infamous smirk? 

Answer: McKayla Maroney 

  1. In what city were the first smoke-free Olympic Games held? 

Answer: Calgary

  1. In which year did the sport of table tennis make its Olympic debut? 

Answer: 1988

  1. In what Olympic Games edition did Japan win its first Olympic gold medal? 

Answer: Sapporo, 1972

  1. Who performed at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London? 

Answer: Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)

  1. Which historical explorer’s route was followed by the Olympic Torch Relay in 1968? 

Answer: Christopher Columbus

  1. How much gold is contained in an Olympic gold medal? 

Answer: Six grams

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