Online Party Games & Quizzes For Company Trivia Nights

Many of us are looking for ways to have fun activities with virtual co-workers and friends, and one of our usual best options is trivia nights.


Online trivia events are excellent for companies who want to host a virtual quiz game for the employees. It’s a great chance to offer fun and excitement for the participants, while everyone can sit back, relax, eat, drink, and mingle on a social night.


There are many types of trivia themes that can be used for online party games, and compiling the right quiz questions will make up for the most excitingly fun game night. 


How to Play Online Trivia Games For Company Parties

Companies should be able to hold a fun quizzical activity where the event’s party host can arrange all trivia questions. The trivia items should include all employees’ interests, enabling them to get engaged and enticed to participate with answers.


Online trivia games should have a leaderboard and points system for bragging rights amongst participants. The games can be simple competitions between employees to see who can answer the most questions.


There are other different types of online games available on the internet. Popular online games that can be integrated with trivia nights include bingo, word games, and even mystery quizzes.


The only possible downside to this game setting is the need for everyone to get familiar with the mechanics of online gaming. To make it entirely fun for everyone, it is essential to brief the participants and encourage them to research a little bit about the nature of online trivia events.


Online Trivia Games for Large Groups

Online trivia games for large groups of participants have evolved to a whole new level and have become so much more interesting than since they were first developed. There is something very engaging and fun about having a group of people playing together. 


There are many online trivia game sites, each trying to offer something different to their players. Some of the games will offer multiple choice questions, some will provide word and number answers, and some will ask players to answer a set of riddles. The type of question that is requested and how it can be solved are crucial aspects of the game. This is why it is so essential to make sure that the questions you have available to you are highly relatable. 


Online trivia game sites also have lots of other features. For instance, they will probably have an option for players to post their own answers to any questions they may have 

or have the opportunity for players to comment on what the other people have said. Some will even allow you to vote on the answers, and some of these will also have polls to enable the players to show their opinion about some of the questions.

The best online trivia game sites will provide plenty of information about the games to their players, and they will be able to learn about them quite quickly. This is be

cause the more the players know about the games they are going to play, the more likely they are to have an idea of what they need to do to improve their knowledge of the games.

Customized Online Trivia Games

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to customize a trivia game online? You don’t quite lack the imagination.


You see, making trivia games is relatively simple, and with a few easy steps!


The easiest way is to use an online quiz game tool, where the questions are already embedded. But, that is not the way to customize a game. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you might want to consider creating your own list of trivia questions with various themes that can relate to everybody. You only have to do your research and gather the information you need for the trivia night questions and their answers. And of course, the answers should only be accessible for the event organizers.


However, if you want to do this entirely from scratch, you might have to create house rules and perform manual scoring methods. You might also have to use a screen sharing platform where the participants can huddle virtually.


Basically, you need to comply with four essential requirements for a customized online trivia game night: (1) questions and answers, (2) virtual meeting platform, (3) game rules, and (4) scoring method.


What Games Can You Play Virtually?

Are you looking for the best ways to play games online without paying a dime? There are many free online games, and some of them will surprise you.


Do not forget to check out free games you can play with multiple participants so that all employees can join the virtual event. If you are in the mood to do something new and want to see if you can include in-between games during the trivia event, you might want to try looking for a quick online game or two to add fun and excitement.


Here are the top online games for your trivia nights:


  • Kahoot (free): live quiz questions for trivia games up to 10 people
  • Skribbl (free): digital Pictionary game perfect for ice breakers
  • Quiplash (paid): an unusual quiz game with no wrong answers 


If you are looking for more free games to incorporate with your trivia event (that can be played without fees), you can go ahead and search them online.



Trivia nights can be held for special social events for the company or simply for fun between employees, even when organized virtually. The experience helps employees bond, learn new things about themselves, and enjoy the company and the working environment. Even during the preparation process, the employees can start building relationships by interacting with each other to arrange the online party with games and trivia. This type of company activity allows participants to learn new ways to promote team building and create stronger work relations.


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