Pixar Trivia Questions and Answers

Have you spent your formative years engrossed in the adventures of Woody in Toy Story and Nemo in Finding Nemo? If so, you’ll like this round of Pixar movie trivia that will have you thinking about your childhood.

Located in Emeryville, CA, Pixar is a Walt Disney Company subsidiary specializing in computer-generated imagery (CGI) for animated films. It has provided us with a wealth of unforgettable films, not to mention a wealth of fun facts about Pixar movies.

Do you think you have what it takes to answer our Pixar-themed trivia questions? To see how much of a Pixar movie nerd you are, we’ve prepared a quiz with 55 questions.

  1. What short films does Pixar use as test films for its animations? 

Answer: “Beach Chair” and “Flags and Waves”

  1. In what year did Steve Jobs announce that Pixar would no longer be working with Disney before ultimately deciding to reestablish their partnership? 

Answer: 2004

  1. Which movie caused tensions between Disney and Pixar during its production process? 

Answer: “Toy Story 2”

  1. Who from the Cheers cast has starred in every Pixar feature film? 

Answer: John Ratzenberger

  1. Which Pixar film features a romantic relationship between two robots fighting to preserve the planet? 

Answer: “Wall-E”

  1. Can you tell me the location of the Pixar animation studios? 

Answer: Emeryville, California

  1. What are the two Disney-Pixar movies that hit theaters in 2020? 

Answer: “Onward” and “Soul”

  1. Do you know which Pixar film has a character named Mike Wazowski? 

Answer: “Monster Inc.”

  1. The animation studio Pixar employs what brand of proprietary software for their projects? 

Answer: Presto

  1. Who is the Galactic Alliance’s mortal adversary in “Toy Story?” 

Answer: Emperor Zurg

  1. In “Ratatouille,” who instructs the hapless Alfredo Linguine in the proper ways of the kitchen? 

Answer: Remy

  1. When did Pixar start, and how did it all start? 

Answer: Pixar began in the graphics department of Lucasfilm’s computer division in 1979.

  1. In the movie “The Incredibles,” what is the real name of the superhero character, Frozone? 

Answer: Lucius

  1. In the movie “Cars,” Lightning McQueen is stranded in what city? 

Answer: Radiator Springs

  1. In the movie “Coco,” how did the family of Miguel make a living? 

Answer: Selling Shoes

  1. Who are Pixar’s founders? 

Answers: Steve Jobs, Edwin Catmull, Alexander Schure, and Alvy Ray Smith.

  1. Do you know where “Ratatouille” takes place? 

Answer: Paris

  1. In “Finding Nemo,” what address do Marlin and Dory keep attempting to find? 

Answer: 42 Wallaby Way

  1. In the movie “A Bug’s Life,” can you name the grasshopper that heads up the gang that steals food from the ants? 

Answer: Hopper

  1. In which Pixar film does an Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo make friends with a human child? 

Answer: “The Good Dinosaur”

  1. In the movie “Inside Out,” Riley plays what sport? 

Answer: Hockey

  1. In the movie “Onward,” who are the Lightfoot brothers? 

Answer: Ian and Barley Lightfoot.

  1. In the movie “Nemo,” what is the name of Nemo’s father? 

Answer: Marlin

  1. When did Buzz Lightyear become the best-selling Christmas toy in what year? 

Answer: 1996

  1. The song “Someone to Lava” is in what key? 

Answer: C

  1. Who was the voice of Dot, the little ant, in the Disney film “A Bug’s Life?” 

Answer: Hayden Panetierre

  1. What aquarium location is where Nemo finds himself at the end of “Finding Nemo?” 

Answer: Waiting area at a dental office

  1. Name the Pixar movie where a rat dreams of becoming a chef. 

Answer: “Ratatouille”

  1. From “The Incredibles,” finish this line: “When everyone’s super…” 

Answer: “No one will be.”

  1. Wall-E is an acronym for what exactly? 

Answer: Waste Allocation Load Lifter- Earth

  1. In “Incredibles 2,” what is the name of the first villain? 

Answer: The Underminer

  1. Which Pixar movie has the hero’s mom and siblings becoming bears? 

Answer: “Brave”

  1. Lighting McQueen is the main protagonist of what movie? 

Answer: “Cars”

  1. What was the year that the first “Toy Story” film was released? 

Answer: 1995

  1. When Doug in “Up” gets sidetracked, what type of animal does he imagine he’s seeing?

Answer: Squirrel

  1. What kind of pasta does the chef controlled by Remy make to get his name in the movie “Ratatouille?” 

Answer: Linguine

  1. What exactly provides the energy for the city of Monstropolis in “Monsters, Inc.?” 

Answer: Scream (Cry) of the Children

  1. The number of full-length Pixar films that have been released and the title of the most recent one. 

Answer: 22, “Onward”

  1. In what movie did Paul Newman make his last film appearance? 

Answer: “Cars”

  1. How many balloons float Carl’s home in the movie “Up?” 

Answer: 20,622 balloons

  1. Who is this well-known Scottish comedian who voices Merida’s father in the film “Brave?” 

Answer: Billy Connolly

  1. In the movie “Up,” what is the breed of the dog named Dug? 

Answer: Golden Retriever 

  1. Which special holiday does the movie “Coco” celebrate? 

Answer: Day of the Dead

  1. In the movie “Inside Out,” what was the name of the main protagonist’s imaginary friend? 

Answer: Bing Bong

  1. In the movie “Coco,” when Miguel returns to the world of the living after visiting the land of the dead, what song did he sing to Coco? 

Answer: Remember me

  1. In the movie “Toy Story,” what is the name of Andy’s toy-hating next-door neighbor? 

Answer: Sid

  1. Who provides the voice of Woody in the “Toy Story” films? 

Answer: Tom Hanks

  1. Who would Larry the Cable Guy have voiced in the “Cars” movies if you had to guess? 

Answer: Mater

  1. In the movie “Coco,” who is the great musician Miguel looks up to? 

Answer: Ernesto Dela Cruz

  1. In the movie “Cars,” Finn McMissile is what kind of car? 

Answer: Aston Martin

  1. Can you name the space robot that Wall-E falls in love with? 

Answer: Eva

  1. In “Ratatouille,” what does the renowned chef Gusteau believe about food and cooking? 

Answer: Anyone can cook.

  1. In the movie “The Incredibles,” what is the secret identity of Mr. Incredible? 

Answer: Bob Par

  1. Which Pixar movie has done the best in box office returns? 

Answer: “Cars”

  1. What Pixar movie has the initial title, “The Invincibles?” 

Answer: “The Incredibles”

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