How To Prepare For Trivia Night During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Trivia has become a part of our lives. And trivia night used to be a night of drinking before heading home to bed. It used to be that people just went out and tried to enjoy a night out with friends or family when they could do it… That is before COVID-19 plagued most of the countries that people are now forced to stay in the confines of their own homes for the sake of safety. 

But fortunately, online trivia quizzes have grown in popularity. And if you’re planning to take part in a fun evening of virtual trivia with peers, then this article is for you. 

Read more as we are going to share some tips on how to prepare for online trivia night during the coronavirus pandemic in today’s entry. 

Here we go… 

What You Need To Prepare As A Host For The Online Trivia Night 

Preparing for a night of testing wits and entertainment depends if you are the host or one of the participants of the event. Now, here are the things you need to prepare if you are hosting an online trivia game with friends and family: 

  • Check the setup of your video conferencing tool (ex. Zoom) and make sure that it is working properly before the game starts. 
  • Secure a list of trivia questions ranging from the simplest to the most challenging based on the following categories: 


  1. General knowledge 
  1. Geography 
  1. History 
  1. Sports & entertainment 
  1. Sports 
  1. Fashion 
  1. Pop culture 

Trivia Night During Pandemic

Any questions will do as long as the players can easily relate to the topics so they won’t feel out of place during the game. Make sure to write these questions on flashcards and place them in different boxes based on the level of difficulty. 

  • Plan out the type of trivia game to be played. 
  • Ideally (but not necessarily), have another person beside you to help facilitate the game (ensuring the ordering of questions to be asked, scoring, etc.) and avoid any setbacks that might hinder everyone from having fun. 

When you’re all set, then all you need to do is start a call and invite the participants who will join the game. 

What You Need To Do If You’re A Player Of An Online Trivia Game 

And here are the things you need to prepare if you’re a player of the online trivia game: 

  • Ensure your PC, laptop, or other devices are set up properly. And also check if the internet connection is stable to prevent lagging from happening during the course of the game. 
  • Be mentally prepared and try to gain knowledge from different areas of interest from history, sports, current events, TV shows, and etc. as these things will likely come up in the trivia quiz. 
  • Don’t forget to have fun! After all, it’s just a game. And it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you’re able to connect with your friends and family at the time when physical distancing is strictly required. 

Overall, these are the tips you have to follow in preparation for trivia night during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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