The Strategies on Preparing For Your Very First Trivia Night

Trivia nights are popular in several kinds of establishments like restaurants, bars, co-working spaces, or bookshops. It’s usually a top pick for corporate or team building activities, where everyone can take the opportunity to relax and enjoy life outside work. Even groups of friends would reserve a day strictly for trivia date nights.

It’s ironic how a series of mind-boggling games, puzzles, and quizzes are considered as effective stress relievers. Maybe it’s because trivia nights are often paired with food, drinks, laughter, and prizes!

A night filled with fun and exciting activities is a crowd-pleaser. And because everyone loves a challenge, coming in prepared is sort of a requirement. So, the question is, how does one win a trivia night?


How To Prepare For Trivia Night: Strategies for Beginners

Let’s take the process one step at a time.


Begin With Your Interests

You’ve decided to prepare for a trivia night because it’s something that interests you. Now, you have to start somewhere, and the best way to do that is to think about the things you’re already good at.


What are you most knowledgable about? 

First, list down all the broad categorical items, like movies, actors, books, and authors. Then, be more specific with the categories: for example, action movies, Hollywood actors, fiction novels, and authors of fiction books.

Once you’ve covered everything you know that would possibly come out on the trivia questions, get to the next step.

trivia strategies on preparing first trivia night


Broaden Your Research

Expanding your trivial knowledge gives you an advantage at winning trivia nights. Never limit your ability to broaden your expertise about trivia facts. We have lots of resources on the internet, and everything here is at your disposal.

Extend your information about other subjects related to your interests. If you’re into media and entertainment, you can also get familiar with popular tv shows, series, tv actors, etc.

But remember, focus on trivia. Gather information about grand events that happened in a certain category: for example, Hollywood actors who were nominated or won any of the Oscar awards at a certain year, or fictional characters worldwide best-selling books. These are things that are somehow historical, and details are hard to miss for the avid fan.


Assemble Your Team & Assign Categories

You can’t possibly know everything about all the categorical themes for trivia night. Disseminate the responsibility to your team. After all, trivia nights aren’t fun if you can’t play together with your “people”.

Each person from the group probably already knows the strengths and weaknesses of other members. Take advantage of your knowledge about each other and draw strength in your united abilities— you’re going to need it on the battlefield.


Get Familiar With Different Platforms

To make trivia nights more fun, your hosts won’t stick to a single question & answer platform. The traditional pen-and-paper format will eventually bore the participants.

There’s a tech-forward twist to answering trivia questions in a smartphone or tablet-based format. This allows the host to automatically track the right and wrong answers, and the progression of scores between teams.


How To Hype-Up Your Trivia Nights

If you want to hype up your team with a night of trivial adventure, you can plan an exclusive event or hire organizers that can cater to small or large batches of game participants.

The Big Quiz Thing organizes virtual events to let you experience the best trivial entertainment whenever and wherever!

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