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Why The Big Quiz Thing Is The Ideal Choice For Parties And Other Group Events

Are you thinking of a new way to spark up the mood during corporate parties or fundraising events? Or perhaps just interested in presenting a unique kind of amusement to be enjoyed by visitors during grand birthday celebrations or bar mitzvahs? Then look no further as we are going to introduce this revolutionary entertainment concept that will surely provide an excellent kind of entertainment during private events and big group gatherings called The Big Quiz Thing

And if you’re interested to know more, then we invite you to keep on reading as we are also going to cite some reasons why this trivia entertainment is the ideal choice for private quiz events and other group events to light up the evening.


About BQT

The Big Quiz Thing is established in 2002 by quizmaster Noah Tarnow, the star of the world’s first-ever bar-trivia game show. It is a fully-produced team-based trivia quiz show that features audio and video puzzles, the wittiest and most “figureoutable” questions ever created, the Lightning round, and the ever famous Buzzertastic Finale.

The game is played using a unique digital answering system as participants can answer using their smartphones and other digital devices. And if you happen to get a wrong answer, then don’t worry as the quizmaster will still give credit for wrong but hilariously funny answers.

Today, it is considered as the number 1 trivia entertainment provider in San Francisco and New York areas for 15 years and continues to bring a different kind of gaming experience nationwide.

BQT is fully customized to suit the theme of any event. And the game show is hosted by some of the best quizmasters in the industry of trivia entertainment.


Reasons Why BQT Should Be Included In Your Event

Party Trivia Big Quiz Thing

Custom-Fit To Entertain Any Kind Of Events – As mentioned, BQT is created to bring fun and excitement to any kind of occasions like birthdays, bar mitzvah, corporate functions, fundraiser galas, and other parties that are in need of a unique kind of entertainment.

Designed To Bring The Group Together – BQT not only entertains but it also allows the guests and attendants to build a strong sense camaraderie during Teambuilding events; a good way of showing appreciation to clients, employees; and supporters during thanksgiving parties, attracting the attention of organizations during fundraisers; and getting strangers to be acquainted with one another during parties.

A Terrific Way Of Having Fun – And lastly, BQT not only brings first-class trivia game show to its audience but it also encourages everybody to learn something new while having fun.


Final Word

So if you want to have a fresh approach in injecting fun and enjoyment to parties while adding a bit of brainteasing at the same time, then choose The Big Quiz Thing to be included in your events today.

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