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WWE Trivia Questions and Answers

Who is not familiar with the WWE? Fans worldwide are always excited to see their favorite WWE superstars do their signature moves inside the wrestling arena. The amazing wrestling superstars participating in the WWE’s thrilling in-ring events make the WWE universe entertaining. 

Countless sports fans have watched every WrestleMania, and Battle Royal put on by the WWE. These devoted followers learned incredible information about WWE and their favorite wrestlers. Now, if you count yourself among them, you may as well test your WWE knowledge with these 35-item trivia questions.

  1. Who was the winner of the first WrestleMania for female wrestlers? 

Answer: Becky Lynch

  1. Who among “The New Day” members first won the WWE Championship? 

Answer: Kofi Kingston

  1. Who do you think won the first “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal?” 

Answer: Cesaro

  1. What is John Cena’s signature pinfall finisher called? 

Answer: Attitude Adjustment

  1. What was the old name for WWE? 

Answer: WWF

  1. When did the first WrestleMania happen? 

Answer: 1985

  1. Who did Becky Lynch defeat in her return-to-ring debut after giving birth? 

Answer: Bianca Belair

  1. What do you call the finishing move of The Rock? 

Answer: Rock Bottom

  1. Who was the first Nexus leader? 

Answer: Wade Barrett

  1. Who was the female WWE superstar whose entrance song was “Bad Reputation?” 

Answer: Ronda Rousey

  1. What does “WWE” really stand for? 

Answer: World Wrestling Entertainment

  1. Who is the son of Rey Mysterio? 

Answer: Dominik Mysterio

  1. Who was the first “King of the Ring” champion? 

Answer: Don Muraco

  1. What is the name of the youngest Divas Champion? 

Answer: Paige

  1. In what year did the WWE Network debut? 

Answer: 2014

  1. Where did Kane come from originally? 

Answer: Spain

  1. Who was the wrestler whose tagline was “We The People?” 

Answer: Jack Swagger

  1. To earn his spot in the main event of WrestleMania 30, who did Daniel Bryan defeat? 

Answer: Triple H

  1. In WWE history, who was the youngest champion of all time? 

Answer: Randy Orton

  1. Which female wrestler was the first to hold the titles of Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion? 

Answer: Alexa Bliss

  1. What are the names of Rey Mysterio’s finishing moves? 

Answers: West Coast Pop and the 619

  1. What is the WWE Raw theme song? 

Answer: Legendary by Skillet

  1. During WrestleMania 33, who asked Nikki Bella to marry him? 

Answer: John Cena

  1. What is the nationality of Kevin Owens? 

Answer: Canadian

  1. Who was the professional wrestler known as “HBK”? 

Answer: Shawn Michaels

  1. Who hosted WrestleMania 33? 

Answer: The New Day

  1. When Hulk Hogan won the WWE Championship for the first time, he had to defeat whom? 

Answer: Iron Shiek

  1. In 2005, John Cena released a rap album with what name? 

Answer: You Can’t See Me 

  1. Who has won the most WWE titles? 

Answer: John Cena

  1. Regarding WWE’s Intercontinental Championship, who has the most reigns? 

Answer: Chris Jericho 

  1. Who holds the record for most victories in the Royal Rumble? 

Answer: Steve Austin

  1. Can you name the first person in WWE history to pin Mr. Perfect? 

Answer: Hulk Hogan

  1. Who won the first WWE Universal Championship? 

Answer: Finn Balor

  1. Which WWE tag team did Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna all belong to? 

Answer: D-Generation X

  1. Who is the youngest champion in the WWE World Heavyweight Category? 

Answer: Brock Lesnar

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