Celebrating Our 22nd Year!

Themed Games

The best in themed trivia events

In the Big Quiz Thing’s long history of live quiz show production, we’ve presented the best in themed trivia events. Eager for something other than a general-knowledge game? Choose any one of the following. As always with the BQT, each event is tailored for that specific crowd, customized to make sure it’s the perfect event for each occasion.

The Big Holiday Quiz Thing

Perfect for a year-end party: A smart (and Smart-Ass) challenge about all things celebratory during the month of December. Incorporating Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more (yes, there’s more), the Big Holiday Quiz Thing is just what everyone wants to find under the tree (or menorah, etc.).

The Big Sports Quiz Thing

Your brain takes the field as the Big Quiz Thing applies its unique spin to sports trivia. Whether you want to focus on the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL, or explore the history of the Olympics, or even dive into more obscure physical challenges (is competitive eating a sport?), the Big Sports Quiz Thing can score a home run/touchdown/hat trick with any group of mentally active guests.

The Big ’80s/’90s Quiz Thing

Go back to the decades that time refuses to forget. Whether it’s the Big ’80s Quiz Thing (all about the birth of MTV and the glory days of President Reagan) or the Big ’90s Quiz Thing (all about the birth of the Internet and the glory days of President Clinton), it’s a nostalgia-filled evening of multimedia game-show fun.

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