25 Spring Trivia Questions and Answers

Spring is the season of the year filled with lots of fun activities and challenging adventures. One activity that you can try is a set of trivia questions about spring. 

This 25-Item Spring Trivia Q and A will change your definition of spring. It will not just give you enjoyment but also mind-blowing facts about spring that you might not know yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Lay down your blankets on the field and try our trivia questions. Good luck and of course, have fun!

What does the term “vernal” mean? 

Answer: Spring

What bird is often associated with Spring in North America? 

Answer: Robin

What is the name of the condition that is marked by an excessive fondness for flowers? 

Answer: Anthophile

The Japanese welcome spring by organizing significant viewings of what flower? Answer: Cherry Blossoms

Spring allergies are intensified because of what? 

Answer: Increase of pollen from flowers

In Roman mythology, she is known as the goddess of spring? 

Answer: Flora

On the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, the sun rises directly over what part of the globe? 

Answer: Equator

In the UK, what do you call the vegetable that is known as scallions in the USA? 

Answer: Spring onions

Was Spring always referred to as spring? 

Answer: No, until the 16th century, the first season of the month was Lent 

What is another term for the spring equinox? 

Answer: Vernal Equinox

Which season follows spring? 

Answer: Summer

Which ancient building was constructed facing the direction where the sun rises on the first day of spring? 

Answer: Great Sphinx

The season of spring ends on what day? 

Answer: 21st of June

What does the word “equinox” mean? 

Answer: Equal night

What happens to the day and night during the vernal equinox?

Answer: Day and night are of equal duration

During spring, why is the day longer than the night? 

Answer: Because of the tilting of the Earth towards the sun

What is the official name for the first day of spring? 

Answer: Spring equinox

When the Northern Hemisphere experiences spring, what season does the Southern Hemisphere experience? 

Answer: Fall/ Autumn

Is this true or false? Tornadoes are more prevalent in the spring. 

Answer: True

In the Southern Hemisphere, which month marks the start of spring? 

Answer: September

Is spring the year’s first, second, third, or fourth season? 

Answer: Spring is the first season of the year, while winter is the last.

When does Spring officially begin? 

Answer: After winter and before summer

According to legend, if a groundhog does not see his shadow when he emerges from his hole on Groundhog Day, Spring will arrive (late or early)? 

Answer: Early

In China, the start of spring corresponds with what Chinese annual celebration? 

Answer: Chinese New Year

What are the four seasons? 

Answer: summer, spring, autumn, and winter

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