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30 Science Trivia Questions and Answers

If you are fond of studying Science and think that you have enough knowledge about it, try this Science Trivia Questions and Answers. It is a well-researched set of questions that can help you gauge how well-versed you are about Science. It covers diverse topics like Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry and General Science.


So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends now and have fun while challenging yourself about Science trivia. Good luck and enjoy!


What forces maintain the planets orbiting the sun? 

Answer: Gravity


What is the solar system’s biggest star? 

Answer: Sun


Which blood type is referred to as the universal donor? 

Answer: O Negative


Which organ in the human body is the largest? 

Answer: Skin


How many degrees in Fahrenheit does a room temperature have? 

Answer: 72 Degrees Fahrenheit


What is the total number of elements in the periodic table

Answer: 118


In 1774, Joseph Priestley discovered what element? 

Answer: Oxygen


What grass species is the tallest? 

Answer: Bamboo


What illness is named after a medieval term for ‘poor air’? 

Answer: Malaria


What is ammonia in terms of pH? 

Answer: Basic


Castor and Pollux are in what constellation? 

Answer: Gemini


Which illness was the first to get a vaccine? 

Answer: Smallpox


What do bees collect and used to produce honey? 

Answer: Nectar


Where can you find the world’s oldest living tree? 

Answer: California, USA


What kind of animal is Dolly, the world’s first cloned animal? 

Answer: Sheep


What color first attracts someone’s attention? 

Answer: Yellow


The asteroid belt is situated between which two planets? 

Answer: Jupiter and Mars 


What kind of rock undergoes metamorphism to become marble? 

Answer: Limestone


Which organ in the human body is the tiniest?

Answer: Pineal Gland


Which of the following is a function of the Arrector Pili muscles? 

Answer: Goosebumps


Where are the most sweat glands on the human body located? 

Answer: Bottom of the Feet


Which common substance has a chemical formula of NaCI? 

Answer: Salt


Who wrote the book about evolution theory entitled, The Origin of Species? 

Answer: Charles Darwin 


What does the Japanese term “sakura”? 

Answer: The Blossom of the Cherry Tree


The chemical symbol, Au, is assigned to what element? 

Answer: Gold


Who founded modern taxonomy? 

Answer: Carolus Linnaeus


Which nation experiences the most tornadoes? 

Answer: United States of America


What mammal can lay eggs? 

Answer: Platypus


What cat species lives and hunts in packs? 

Answer: Lion


What is the most commonly used term to refer to lethal poison prussic acid? 

Answer: Cyanide or Hydrogen Cyanide


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