30 Food Trivia Questions and Answers | PLUS Fun Facts For Your Quiz Night!

If you’re a trivia fan, you must know that food trivia is one of the broadest topics you can compete with. Therefore, it can also be extremely challenging when played in a general round.

You can always outline a specific subtopic to narrow down the coverage, but let’s see how it can go if we mix it up to a global level. Here are 30 examples of food trivia questions and answers about various cuisines, spices, inventions, etc., from different countries and cultures worldwide.

Question: In which country and what year was the ‘fast food’ concept initiated?

Answer: USA White Castle in 1921

Question: Name the founders of McDonald’s.

Answer: Richard and Maurice McDonald

Fun Fact: McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor worldwide.

Question: What bean originating in East Asia is used for making oil, miso, and tofu?

Answer: Soybean

Question: Name the only fruit with seeds on the outside.

Answer: Strawberry

Question: The word “mala” was used by the ancient Romans to refer to what food?

Answer: Apples

Question: What spice provides vitamin A, inhibits hair loss, and can prevent spider veins? It is commonly used in Indian, Hungarian, Mexican, and Moroccan food.

Answer: Paprika

Question: In Indian cooking, what ingredient is called “jaggery”?

Answer: Sugar

Question: Spanish Omelet is also known as what?

Answer: Spanish Tortilla

Question: What are the two special ingredients used in making the famous Italian dessert, affogato?

Answer: A scoop of gelato or ice cream and a shot of hot espresso

Fun Fact: Gelatos are generally lower in fat content than other frozen desserts.

Question: Which variety of chili is considered the hottest in the world?

Answer: Ghost pepper

Question: Deer meat is more commonly known by what name?

Answer: Venison

Question: Gumbo and jambalaya are popular local foods from which place?

Answer: New Orleans, Louisiana

Question: What essential mineral is found in cheese, milk, and other dairy food?

Answer: Calcium

Question: Which spice is the flavor of aioli sauce?

Answer: Garlic

Question: What fish is placed in the Scottish soup, Cullen Skink?

Answer: Haddock

Fun Fact: A haddock can be easily recognized by a black blotch (also known as “Devil’s thumbprint) above its pectoral fin.

Question: The Mu shu pork is a specialty food item of what type of cuisine?

Answer: Asian cuisine, specifically northern Chinese

Question: Which fruit has the richest source of antioxidants?

Answer: Blueberries

Question: Tamales are wrapped in what type of leaves?

Answer: Corn husks or Plantain

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Question: Japanese horseradish is more popularly known as what?

Answer: Wasabi

Question: A ganache is a combination of chocolate and what?

Answer: Cream

Question: Dijon mustard is a traditional product of which country?

Answer: France

Fun Fact: Dijon mustard in French is called Moutarde de Dijon

Question: The former TV chef Graham Kerr is better known as the?

Answer: Galloping Gourmet

Question: Mace grows around the outside of which fruit?

Answer: Nutmeg

Question: Which ice cream company produced “Phish Sticks” and “The Vermonster”?

Answer: Ben & Jerry’s

Question: What is the most traded spice in the world?

Answer: Black Pepper

Question: What do you call the process of preparing eggs for a Caesar salad?

Answer: Coddling

Question: The “Chinese takeout” box was invented by which country?

Answer: The USA

Question: What Indian spice that usually grows in pods is used to make chai tea?

Answer: Cardamom

Question: The Chinese gooseberry fruit is also known as?

Answer: Kiwifruit

Question: What are the three most common types of trout available in the US?

Answer: Rainbow, Brook, and Brown

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