30 Horror Movie Trivia Questions (With Answers)

Are you a big fan of horror films and want to test your knowledge? These horror movie trivia questions are perfect for you on any occasion.

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  • What eerie film is credited with coining the notorious phrase, “Do you like horror movies?” 

Answer: Scream 1996

  • The synopsis below most accurately represents what horror film? “A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims.” 

Answer: The Thing

  • In which horror film does the phrase “the power of Christ compels you.” appear? 

Answer: The Exorcist

  • What was a 1953 horror film remade in 2005 with Paris Hilton in the lead role? 

Answer: House of Wox

  • Which classic horror film stars a serial killer dressed as William Shatner? 

Answer: Halloween

  • What horror film used the following tagline? “In space, no one can hear you scream.” 

Answer: Alien

  • What Is the Highest-Grossing Stephen King Film Adaptation to Date?

Answer: 2017 remake of IT

  • What horror film of Georges Méliès is commonly regarded as the world’s first horror film? 

Answer: Le Manoir du diable’

  • What television series is based on a concept for an unproduced episode of The X-Files?

Answer: Final Destination

  • When Carrie (1976) takes the stage after her election as Prom Queen, bullies douse her in what animal’s blood? 

Answer: Pig

  • What film was A Quiet Place initially intended to be a sequel to? 

Answer: Cloverfield

  • What is the actual name of Pinhead in Clive Barker’s original novel, The Hellbound Heart? 

Answer: Hell Priest

Answer: 1428 Elm Street

  • Which horror film’s tagline is “We dare you to say his name five times“? 

Answer: Candyman

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  • In which film did Annabelle the doll make her debut? 

Answer: The Conjuring

  • What is the name of the camp where Jason Voorhees drowns in the Friday the 13th series? 

Answer: Camp Crystal Lake

  • What was the twentieth century’s first American horror film? 

Answer: Frankenstein

  • What is the actual name of “Chucky” in ‘Child’s Play’? 

Answer: Charles Lee Ray

  • What was Jason’s original name on Friday the 13th? 

Answer: Josh

  • Which horror film franchise is the longest-running? 

Answer: Friday the 13th

  • What was Steven Spielberg’s inspiration for the name of the artificial shark in ‘Jaws,’ and who was it modelled after? 

Answer: Bruce; lawyer

  • On the first Friday the 13th film, how many people does Jason murder? 

Answer: None

  • What Is The Exorcist’s Demon’s Name? 

Answer: Pazuzu

  • In Brad Pitt’s Se7en film, who is assassinated for the deadly sin of pride? 

Answer: A model

  • Who published ‘An American Werewolf in London’ in 1981? 

Answer: John Landis

  • What arms does Leatherface prefer? 

Answer: Chainsaw

  • What is the name of the clown in ‘The Devil’s Rejects’? 

Answer: Captain Spaulding

  • Which real-life serial murderer is indirectly based on Psycho? 

Answer: Ed Gein

  • What heinous beast was the subject of 2007’s ‘Rogue’? 

Answer: Crocodile

  • What iconic horror film was dubbed The Babysitter Murders at one point? 

Answer: Halloween


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