Test Your Inner Leslie Knope: Parks and Recreation Trivia Questions and Answers


Think you know Parks and Recreation that well? Think again. We have some parks department trivia questions to test your knowledge about the hit NBC show. 


  1. What is the name of the town’s sweet treat manufacturer? 


Answer: Sweetums


2. What political figure Leslie Knope has a crush on? 


Answer: Joe Biden


3. What is Ron Swan’s favorite restaurant? 


Answer: Charles Mulligan’s Steakhouse


4. What robotic appliance did Tom Haverford use to play music? 


Answer: Roomba


5. Where was Leslie Knope born?


Answer: Eagleton


6. Which character in the show is the one usually getting pranked? 


Answer: Gerry Gergich


7. What state is the show located in? 


Answer: Indiana


8. What kind of car does Donna Meagle drive?


Answer: Mercedes Benz


9. What is the name of Andy Dwyer’s band?


Answer: Mouse Rat


10. What is the name of Andy Dwyer’s FBI agent alter-ego? 


Answer: Burt Macklin


11. What was the original plan for the show? 


Answer: A spin-off of the office. 


12. What was the original title considered for the show? 


Answer: Public Service


13. Is Ron Swanson based on a real-life government official or not? 


Answer: Yes. 


14. What was Ron Swanson’s poster that was taken down for legal reasons? 


Answer: Bobby Knight poster


15. Who was the character who was only supposed to appear for a few episodes? 


Answer: Rob Lowe


16. What is Leslie Knope’s most-favorite food? 


Answer: Waffles


17. What lot is Leslie Knope’s first pet project? 


Answer: Lot 48


18. What are the names of Leslie and Ben’s triplets? 


Answer: Wesley, Stephen, and Sonia.

Parks & Recreation trivia Questions

19. How did Leslie’s dad die? 


Answer: Freak accident—he was hit by a crane.


20. What does Leslie call a bathroom? 


Answer: The whiz palace


21. Who is the character that is health-obsessed and is always positive? 


Answer: Chris Traeger


22. What kind of animal is Lil Sebastian? 


Answer: Mini-horse


23. Who replaces Anne as Leslie’s best friend. 


Answer: No one in particular


24. Who did Gerry paint into his painting? 


Answer: Leslie


25. Who is Jon’s sister? 


Answer: Mona Lisa


26. What does Leslie implement a city-wide tax on in season five? 


Answer: Soda


27. Where does April Ludgate met her boyfriend Eduardo in season three? 


Answer: Venezuela


28. Who is the comedian who played as Dave, and who dated Leslie in season two? 


Answer: Louis C.K. 


29. Which characters got married after dating for a month? 


Answer: Andy and April


30. What government position did Leslie run for in season four? 


Answer: City Council


31. What is Gerry secretly good at? 


Answer: Painting


32. What is the name of Tom’s entertainment business? 


Answer: Entertainment 720


33. What is the job of Ron’s ex-wife? 


Answer: Librarian


34. What is Leslie’s ultimate career goal? 


Answer: To become the first female president. 


35. What is the job of Jeremy Jamm? 


Answer: Orthodontist


On your next night-in or night out with friends, why don’t you throw in these parks department questions? Perhaps, you’re curious to know who your group’s Leslie Knope. 


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