20 Sports Trivia Questions from The Big Quiz Thing

Hey, sports enthusiasts and trivia aficionados! Ready to flex those brain muscles? Dive into a world where sports meet wit, curated exclusively by the Big Quiz Thing. Our “figureoutable” questions promise to both challenge and entertain, whether you’re a rookie in the trivia league or a seasoned MVP. As the whistle blows, are you prepared to compete on the trivia court?

Lace up your thinking cleats and scroll down. Let’s see if you can score a perfect 20 out of 20! Let the games begin!

  1. They sailed the oceans, trading with people of faraway lands, between the 8th and 11th centuries. Today, they loan their name to an NFL team that’s never won the Super Bowl. Who were they? 
  1. Teams called the Newark Eagles, the Birmingham Black Barons, and the Indianapolis Clowns all played what sport?
  1. No brining necessary: In what sport might you use your paddle to hit a dink into your opponent’s kitchen?
  1. He’s the only athlete ever so honored, if you don’t count the Rock: In 2015, what British guy did People magazine name the Sexiest Man Alive?
  1. Pete Weber—who’s known for his rebellious personality and for his “power stroker” style—has won a record five U.S. Open championships in what sport?
  1. Fill in the BLANK: In September 1973, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match labeled “The Battle of the BLANKs.”
  1. Appropriately, Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. all voiced characters in what 2006 Pixar movie?
  1. Quite logically, which NFL team’s mascots include Edgar, Allan, and Poe? 
  1. Which current NBA team is named for the nation’s most visited amusement park?
  1. Fill in both BLANKs: In the sport of water polo, the goalie is the only player allowed to touch the BLANK of the BLANK.
  1. An NHL game between San Jose, California, and Winnipeg, Canada, is reminiscent of which work of musical theater?
  1. Fill in the BLANK in the pun: One of the most famous football plays ever: the Steelers vs. the Raiders, December 23, 1972, nicknamed “The Immaculate BLANK.” 
  1. What contemporary hit TV show was based on a series of 2013 commercials hyping NBC’s coverage of something called the Premier League?
  1. In the sport of luge, the rider lies face up, feet first. Lying face down, headfirst, the sport has what anatomical name?
  1. In what country do football teams called the Redblacks and the Blue Bombers compete for the Grey Cup?
  1. Two nicknames for the Kentucky Derby are “The Run for the BLANKs” and “The Most BLANKing 2 Minutes in Sports.” (Fill in both BLANKs.)  
  1. What one-syllable name is shared by two current major pro sports teams, in different sports and different cities, but both in the same state?  
  1. According to a very untrue legend, what sport is associated with the phrase “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”?
  1. The jersey of the overall leader of the Tour de France, the card warning an aggressive soccer player, and the stripe on a rookie NASCAR driver’s car: All are what same color?
  1. Three of the 25 largest U.S. cities (by population) don’t have any major pro sports teams (MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL). All three are in what same state?

Think you got all 20 correct? Put your guesses to the test and dive below for the grand reveal!

    1. Vikings 
    2. Baseball (Negro Leagues)
    3. Pickleball
    4. David Beckham 
    5. Bowling
    6. Sexes
    7. Cars
    8. Baltimore Ravens 
    9. Orlando Magic (named for the Magic Kingdom)
    10. Bottom, pool 
    11. West Side Story (Sharks vs. Jets
    12. Reception
    13. Ted Lasso
    14. Skeleton
    15. Canada (The Canadian Football League)
    16. Rose, Exciting
    17. Kings (basketball in Sacramento, hockey in Los Angeles)
    18. Golf (acronym “G.O.L.F.”)
    19. Yellow
    20. Texas (Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso)

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