What is the Big Quiz Thing?

The Big Quiz Thing is a multimedia live trivia game show: all the fun of Jeopardy!, except that you get to play! And hang out with friends old and new! And laugh! And win great prizes! Geeks and cool kids alike gather in teams to test their knowledge on the best trivia content in the business—from pop culture, music, history and sports to the completely indefinable—with excellent prizes and eternal glory at stake. We play in multiple rounds, with the quizmaster reading the questions and displaying them on the big screen; you collaborate as a team and write down your answers on your Big Quiz Thing Answer Pad. (Nobody shouts out anything, nobody has to be dragged onstage and embarrassed.) It all culminates in the Lightning Round, followed by the big Three-Way Finale. Between rounds, we take quick breaks to add up the scores and let you drink, socialize, and strategize.

Don’t think you’re good at trivia? Four things: (1) No one’s actually really bad at trivia. Except idiots, and you’re probably not an idiot. Some people are especially good at trivia, true, but everyone has their own bank of knowledge, and the BQT covers a pretty wide range. Plus, playing as a team means everyone gets to contribute. (2) The BQT favors questions that require a little more thought that typical bland trivia questions—we like to say they’re “figureoutable.” If you’re well versed, give yourself a chance—you probably know more than you think. (Want some examples of our questions? Check out the bottom of the page.) (3) Go for a Smart-Ass Point! (See below.) (4) You’ll have a good time even if you lose. The competition is fierce, but the priority is fun.

Smart-Ass Points

Don't know the answer? Write down a wrong answer, and mark it with a sticker. If we find it amusing and read it to the crowd, and they laugh, you get the point—we award you a Smart-Ass Point.

"Wait, there’s a bar down the street from me where they have trivia for free. Why should I pay for this?"

Bar trivia can be fun, but you often get what you pay for: a boring host reading boring questions. Besides, the Big Quiz Thing isn’t bar trivia—it's a multimedia trivia game show, taking the pub-quiz concept to a whole other level. Fresh and offbeat content each and every time, with video puzzles, audio clues, sound effects, professional staging and hosting, deejayed music, the most entertaining trivia questions in the business, prizes people actually want, and much more, all at a world-class venue: a complete interactive night of unique entertainment, all for less than the cost of a movie, and with the possibility of winning something back! No wonder The Onion called it "way more than a middlebrow excuse to drink beer."

"Do I need to bring a team?"

Nope. While our usual format is team play (minimum four people, maximum eight—though this is rarely enforced), we're always happy to match up lone wolves (or teams in need of more members) with others, to make sure everyone has a great time. And no need to register beforehand; just show up and make it happen.


Cash, show tickets, DVDs, books, tons more. Have a product/event you want to expose to a trivia-hungry audience? Go to our sponsorship page to learn more.


Check out our press page here. Go to our sponsorship page to learn more.

I’m a hardcore trivia geek—no crappy jerk-off pub quizzes for me. Has this got what it takes to satisfy my cravings?

Absolutely. We offer a serious good time to quiz mavens of all skill levels, including some of the country’s most unstoppable trivia geniuses, who’ve made the BQT their home for years now. The BQT’s trivia writer and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, is a former Jeopardy! contestant, VH1 quiz show champ and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Phone-a-Friend, and current writer for NPR’s Ask Me Another. He’s professionally written trivia questions for numerous magazines and radio shows, and was a notorious Trivial Pursuit terror throughout his college dorm. When it comes to live trivia entertainment, the Big Quiz Thing is all anyone needs.

I'm sold!

Want to know when the BQT is in your area? Click on the calendar and to find out, or e-mail us and find out how you can book us!

Noah hosts live trivia
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