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Special Themed Quiz Shows

In the Big Quiz Thing’s long history of live quiz show production, we’ve presented the best in themed trivia events. Eager for something more than a general-knowledge game? Choose any one of the following. As always, each BQT event is tailored for that specific crowd, customized to make sure it’s the perfect game-show production for each occasion.

family quiz event

The Big Family Quiz Thing

Whether you’re smarter than a fifth-grader or you actually are a fifth-grader, the Big Quiz Thing’s all-ages edition is truly fun for the whole family. Collaborate with your kids for a trivia spectacular, full of kid-appropriate (yet still grown-up-challenging) questions, and with a special faster-paced format. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

The Big Holiday Quiz Thing

Perfect for a year-end party: A smart (and Smart-Ass) challenge about all things celebratory during the month of December. Incorporating Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more (yes, there’s more), the Big Holiday Quiz Thing is just what everyone wants to find under the tree (or menorah, etc.).
A gathering of people enjoying a holiday party.
the Halloween Big Quiz Thing

The Big Halloween Quiz Thing

A trivial fall treat for the young at heart, our Halloween edition covers all the hallmarks of the most fun-filled holiday of them all: spooky movies, candy, superheroes, and more. We can even incorporate a costume contest for maximum All Hallows’ Eve creativity and fun.

The Big Sports Quiz Thing

Your brain takes the field as the Big Quiz Thing applies its unique spin to sports trivia. Whether you want to focus on the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL, or explore the history of the Olympics, or even dive into more obscure physical challenges (is competitive eating a sport?), the Big Sports Quiz Thing can score a home run/touchdown/hat trick with any group of mentally active guests.
Trivia event winners posed with the host.
trivia question about girl scout cookies

The Big Food Quiz Thing

Get hungry as the BQT prepares a delicious dish out of its pantry’s finest food-trivia vittles. From haute cuisine to junky fast food, cocktails to milkshakes, the Big Quiz Thing serves a complete meal of a game show, sure to satisfy even the pickiest cerebral foodies.

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The Big ’80s/’90s Quiz Thing

Go back to the decades that time refuses to forget. Whether it’s the Big ’80s Quiz Thing (all about the birth of MTV and the glory days of President Reagan) or the Big ’90s Quiz Thing (all about the birth of the Internet and the glory days of President Clinton), it’s a nostalgia-filled evening of multimedia game-show fun.
80s and 90s trivia image
the quizmaster asking a question

The Big Movie Quiz Thing

Featuring the best film-themed multimedia trivia in the world—including puzzles like “Double Your Cinematic Pleasure,” “The Movie Quote Thesaurus,” and “The Same Name Movie-Music Challenge”—this edition is the ultimate quiz experience for any cinema fan/snob. If it’s early spring, we can even take an Academy Awards focus and present a special Big Oscars Quiz Thing.

The Big Music Quiz Thing

An experience worthy of even the snobbiest record geek, the BQT presents the absolute best in music trivia—verbal, audio, and visual. And for maximum spectacularity, we can even incorporate karaoke, letting your guests live out their rock star fantasies between rounds of the game!
winners of a music quiz event
Theater quiz display

The Big Theater Quiz Thing

You never made it to Broadway, but you can be the star of our multimedia quiz on the theater life. Musicals, plays, actors, the Tonys, and more: The Big Theater Quiz Thing brings the drama in all the best ways.

The Big Geeky Quiz Thing

As seen at multiple editions of some of the country’s premier comic cons, the BQT’s flat-out most nerdtastic edition drills down into the best in geek-friendly trivia. We cover comic books, sci-fi movies, anime, and even some things you probably haven’t heard of (depending who “you” are).
large group trivia event
corporate team building trivia event hosted in large banquet room

The Big Science Quiz Thing

As seen at some of the country’s premier science museums, this edition isn’t just for geniuses. The human body, astronomy, animals, science in pop culture, and much, much more, the Big Science Quiz Thing measures out the fun to within an angstrom of perfection.

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The Big New York Quiz Thing

Celebrating the BQT’s hometown (and the subject of its own TV game show), this edition looks at the past, present, and even future of the greatest city in the world. Covering politics and pop culture, triumph and tragedy, the Big New York Quiz Thing works particularly well as an educational event.
NYC quiz event showing 2 contestants seated at a table, with quiz master in the background
candidate logo sticker, who to choose

The Big Political Quiz Thing

Vote with your brain: Our political edition brings the right wing and the left wing together, making it an ideal fundraiser during fall election season. Or opt for a more historical focus in February, and we can reframe it as Presidents’ Day spectacular.

The Big Sexy Quiz Thing

The one topic everyone can’t get enough of takes center stage. A full multimedia game show on delightfully erotic, NSFW topics: positions, fetishes, witticisms, pornography, and much more. Great for a bachelorette party, or any other gathering with the right crowd (and you know who they are).
Adult quiz game question board
The Big Quiz Thing sign

The Big Something Else Quiz Thing

Have another idea/topic? Let us know: Nobody does trivia better than the Big Quiz Thing.

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