Celebrating Our 22nd Year!

Digital Trivia Answer System

The Big Quiz Thing is always working to exceed the expectations of our corporate trivia clients. So when we started hearing from event professionals hoping to ditch paper answer pads for a method of playing trivia on iPads and other devices, we got to work. (Besides, we’d been wanting to save money on printing, speed up the game, not have to deal with lousy handwriting, show our love for trees, etc.) After much work and fine-tuning, the Big Quiz Thing’s unique digital answer system is a reality, and has quickly become an indispensable element of the ideal custom trivia night.


It’s exceedingly easy to use, and accessible on any Web-enabled device, with no downloading necessary. Watch…


Yes, it’s that simple: Log on, pick a name, type your guesses, submit. As a bonus, the architecture is flexible enough to handle nearly any team trivia game or format, so the BQT is as customizable as ever. Live trivia on iPads perfected, and you can get it only with the Big Quiz Thing. The next stage in trivia evolution is here!

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