Celebrating Our 22nd Year!

Noah Tarnow (Founder and Lead Quizmaster) is creator, writer, and senior quizmaster of the Big Quiz Thing, the live trivia spectacular and America’s premier providers of custom corporate and private trivia events. A recognized national trivia authority, he’s designed and hosted thousands of live game shows for clients from coast to coast, in addition to having starred in and written the BQT’s television adaptation (the world’s first bar-trivia TV show) and having designed the company’s pioneering digital trivia answer system. He also co-hosts the podcast I Don’t Get It: The Pop Culture Get-Off-My-Lawn-Cast; is a former editor for Rolling Stone and Time Out New York; has written trivia columns for Time Out, American Movie Classics, Mental Floss, Better Homes and Gardens, and Hemispheres; has written for and appeared on NPR’s Ask Me Another quiz show; and competed on both Jeopardy! and the VH1 game show Name That Video. In 2017 he raised thousands of dollars for the ACLU by singing 400 karaoke songs in one year. He lives in San Francisco with his reference materials.

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