6 Reasons Why Team Building Trivia Game Is Perfect In Corporate Events

People: A rare constant in the world of business. You can have the greatest product/service in history, but if the human beings pulling the strings aren’t working together efficiently, success can be elusive. This is where team building comes in—it’s vital to develop the collaborative skills that make workplaces more efficient. And custom trivia is uniquely suited to benefit and delight corporate team building clients. Why?


1. It makes learning fun. A good quiz company entertains and educates in equal measure. Even the eggheadediest player leaves a worthwhile quiz event having learned things intriguing and (perhaps) useful.

2. It draws from different skill sets. Well-thought-through and cunningly designed team building trivia encourages collaboration and rumination, recombining knowledge from a variety of subjects (and not just testing the retention of obscure facts about national capitals). Plus, a high-level trivia provider incorporates multimedia puzzles and offbeat formats that transcend mere listen-and-respond.

3. It gets them thinking. That’s the nature of quality brain games, beyond you-know-it-or-you-don’t material. Good trivia questions and puzzles are about the journey, from information to thought process to conclusion to guess (confident or otherwise).

4. It gets them talking. Smart trivia encourages creative thinking, getting teammates to collaborate in a way they can’t with less mental-based activities. Working together as actual teams means employees have to draw from everyone’s respective strengths to reach their goals.

5. It encourages healthy competition. There’s no greater thrill than outsmarting your coworkers, as long as the competition is healthy, and that’s precisely what a legit trivia game fosters. This is why we tell clients that game prizes are never very important—the glow of victory (or mild frustration of near-victory) can remain the office buzz for weeks to come.

6. It’s customizable. A professional trivia provider can find the trivia fun in any industry or group of coworkers. So not only can you thrill your office with a spectacular live game show, the game show can actually be about the office. It’s fun and relevant!

But since every industry, company, and workplace is different, there are a million other reasons why a multimedia game show like the Big Quiz Thing is perfect for your—yes, your—trivia team building activity. Contact us today for a personal consultation, so we can help you thrill and motivate your group of hardworking geniuses. Always stay sharp.

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