Celebrating Our 22nd Year!

Making Trivia Fun: 
Smart-Ass Points

The Big Quiz Thing is always working to make our games fun for a variety of people: Not just hardcore trivia geeks, but also the curious layperson. Sometimes it’s a tricky needle to thread—make your material too easy, the geeks will get bored; make it too hard, trivia Muggles will be turned off. This is […]

Break the Ice, Build the Team: Advantages of Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate team building can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! In the ever-evolving business world, one element has constant potential: your team. Imagine a workplace buzzing with energy, collaboration, and creativity. Set aside the mundane and embrace the power of corporate team building activities. And good ones aren’t just boring events; they’re collaborative. Tasks that […]

“Figureoutable”: The Hallmark Of Great Trivia Questions

At any Big Quiz Thing event, the quizmaster throws around the neologism “figureoutable” (both verbally and as a nifty sound effect). It’s a funny word, and a nice bit of branding for the quality trivia content that we pride ourselves on. We strive to provide a good time for all kinds of clients and audiences—trivia […]

The Jeopardy! Experience

Our founder and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, shares his history with the quizziest quiz show of them all. Even in the loony-bin pantheon of American television, TV quiz shows  are especially weird. It’s nothing but watching complete strangers playing a trivia game – performing no physical activity, producing no heated rivalries, rarely having even the […]

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