Making Trivia Fun: 
Smart-Ass Points

The Big Quiz Thing is always working to make our games fun for a variety of people: Not just hardcore trivia geeks, but also the curious layperson. Sometimes it’s a tricky needle to thread—make your material too easy, the geeks will get bored; make it too hard, trivia Muggles will be turned off. This is […]

6 Reasons Why Team Building Trivia Game Is Perfect In Corporate Events

People: A rare constant in the world of business. You can have the greatest product/service in history, but if the human beings pulling the strings aren’t working together efficiently, success can be elusive. This is where team building comes in—it’s vital to develop the collaborative skills that make workplaces more efficient. And custom trivia is uniquely […]

“Figureoutable”: The Hallmark Of Great Trivia Questions

At any Big Quiz Thing event, the quizmaster throws around the neologism “figureoutable” (both verbally and as a nifty sound effect). It’s a funny word, and a nice bit of branding for the quality trivia content that we pride ourselves on. We strive to provide a good time for all kinds of clients and audiences—trivia […]

The Jeopardy! Experience

Our founder and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, shares his history with the quizziest quiz show of them all. Even in the loony-bin pantheon of American television, TV quiz shows  are especially weird. It’s nothing but watching complete strangers playing a trivia game – performing no physical activity, producing no heated rivalries, rarely having even the […]

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