Celebrating Our 22nd Year!

The BQT Science Edition at the Pier 57 Discovery Tank in Hudson River Park

Big Quiz thing brand logo science edition

THURSDAYS: October 5, November 2, December 7 America’s premier providers of custom trivia entertainment, The Big Quiz Thing, team with Hudson River Park to present a deluxe open-to-the-public team-trivia spectacular on all things scientific: From chemicals to animals, from the pancreas to Pluto. Quizmaster Rory Scholl leads you through multimedia puzzles, “figureoutable” quiz questions, the […]

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

Noah Tarnow, lead quizmaster and founder of The Big Quiz Thing

Watch Quizmaster Noah look back on the best (and worst) questions asked at the very first Big Quiz Thing trivia event, two decades ago. Play Death in This Is Spinal Tap Play The Message of the Anthora Coffee Cup Play Breath: A Unique Work of Theater Play (Once) the World’s Tallest Building Play Minute Maid […]

Meet the Bay Area’s Quizzard of Trivia

group of young contestants standing behind table at hybrid trivia event

Read about our founder, Quizmaster Noah Tarnow, in the Bay Area’s events arts and culture newsletter, Broke Ass Stuart. https://brokeassstuart.com/2022/06/17/meet-the-bay-areas-quizzard-of-trivia/

What Is Hybrid Trivia?

virtual host experience mockup

As the world emerges from pandemic—sort of, kind of, hopefully, work with me here—we all like to think we’re stronger for the experience. And in the small corner of the universe that the Big Quiz Thing inhabits—the events business—it is possible to emerge with a sense of optimism. During the pandemic, we at the BQT […]

Process For Making Our Hosted Trivia Fun 

Smart-Ass Points The Big Quiz Thing is always working to make our hosted trivia events fun for a variety of people, not just for those who love trivia. Sometimes it’s a tricky needle to thread—make our material too easy, our trivia geek clients will get bored; make it too hard, our trivia Muggle clients will […]

Break the Ice, Build the Team: Advantages of Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate team building can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! In the ever-evolving business world, one element has constant potential: your team. Imagine a workplace buzzing with energy, collaboration, and creativity. Set aside the mundane and embrace the power of corporate team building activities. And good ones aren’t just boring events; they’re collaborative. Tasks that […]

“Figureoutable”: The Hallmark Of Great Trivia Questions

At any Big Quiz Thing event, the quizmaster throws around the neologism “figureoutable” (both verbally and as a nifty sound effect). It’s a funny word, and a nice bit of branding for the quality trivia content that we pride ourselves on. We strive to provide a good time for all kinds of clients and audiences—trivia […]

The Jeopardy! Experience

Our founder and senior quizmaster, Noah Tarnow, shares his history with the quizziest quiz show of them all. Even in the loony-bin pantheon of American television, TV quiz shows  are especially weird. It’s nothing but watching complete strangers playing a trivia game – performing no physical activity, producing no heated rivalries, rarely having even the […]

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